Diflucan Mg

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Diflucan Mg

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SALICARIyE. Lawsonia Aiba, Lamk, Constituents of the Seeds. David Hooper describes the seeds of the "henna'* plant Lawsonia alba, Lamk., known as mehndi throughout India, where it is found wild or cultivated. The seeds are contained in a capsule of the size of a peppercorn, and consist of angular grains of a cinnamon- brown color, with no pronounced taste or smell, Diflucan Mg and are quite small, 100 weighing only 0.073 G"- (= 1.126 grains). They were found on analysis to contain : Moisture, 10.60; oil (by ether), 10.48; albuminoids, 5.00; carbohydrates, 33.62; fiber, 35.55 ; ash, 4-75 per cent. The oil is thick, Diflucan Mg dark green, and slowly oxidizes to a solid jelly ; solidifies at 25.5" C. ; has slight acid reaction. The iodine value of the crude oil was 121.63, and of the fatty acids 127.45. The seeds con- tain some tannic acid. Pharm. Joum,, June 13, 1908, 781 ; from Joum, and Proc. Asiatic Soc. of Bengal, 1908, No. 2. ROSACEiE. Bitter Almonds Effect of Heat on the Amygdalin and Emulsin. G. Velardi finds that when heated to 103 C, bitter almonds are still capable of splitting off hydrocyanic acid. If Diflucan Mg the temperature was raised to 150 C, hydrocyanic acid was only then still developed, if the bitter almonds were mixed with a paste of sweet almonds containing emulsin. Therefore, while emulsin had become inefiicacious at some point above 103 C, amygdalin had not been attacked up to 150^ C. But when heated above that temperature, the amygdalin yielded in the presence of emulsin a constantly decreasing quantity of hydrocyanic acid; at 166 C, the hydrocyanic reaction only occurred after 12 hours, and towards 170*^ C, amygdalin was apparently changed. Pure Amygdalin, when heated rapidly, melts with decomposition at 208 C, ; when heated slowly up to 170% it remains unchanged, but at 180 C, it becomes brown, forming a resinous mass which, however, still yielded with emulsin hydrocyanic acid. Schimmers Rep., Oct., 1907, 11 ; from Boll. Chim. Farm. Digitized by Google RUBUS CHAMAEMORUS, L. 237 Cerasus Padus Z>^/Diflucan Mg twigs of Colon- easier microphylla^ Wall, in the same manner as described for the prepara- tion of ** prulaurasin " (which see under "Organic Chemistry"), H. H^rissey obtained a crystalline cyanogenetic glucoside, which proved to be identical in all respects with the prulaurasin obtained Diflucan Mg by the author from cherry laurel leaves. Heretofore it has been demonstrated that the crystallized cyanogenetic glucosides isolated from the seeds of any Rosacea could invariably be identified with amygdalin Diflucan Mg ; but, on the other hand, the vegetable portion of rosaceous plants had not heretofore yielded well- defined and crystallized products. The author has, however, now demon- strated the existence of a crystalline and definite cyanogenetic glucoside, different from amygdalin, in the vegetable portion of two plants of the Rosacea^ namely Prunus lauracerasus and Coloneastet microphylla, both containing "prulaurasin." Arch. d. Pharm., 24s (1907), No. 6, 473-474. Eriobolrya Japonica Cyanogenetic Glucoside of the Seeds, In 1885 Lehmann obtained from the seeds of the Japanese medlar {Eriobolrya japonica) a cyanogenetic glucoside, which he believed to differ from amygdalin, and to be a crystalline body, having the same constitution as that of the amorphous glucoside from cherry laurel leaves, to which he had given the name " laurocerasin." H. H^rissey has now succeeded in iso- lating from the seeds of this plant a Diflucan Mg well- crystallized glucoside, which proved to be identical in every respect with amygdalin. It was obtained by a process which is practically identical with that he employed for pre- paring "prulaurasin" (which see under "Organic Chemistry") from cherr}' laurel leaves. The possibility that a second cyanogenetic glucoside might be present in the seeds of Japanese medlar fruits, led the author to extend his investigations in this direction, by subjecting the extract of eriobotrya seeds to the action of cmulsin after the method of Em. Bourque- lot, and he determined that the difference in the polarimetric deflection caused by the action of the ferment was precisely the same as that ascer- tained by calculation under the assumption that the glucoside in question was amygdalin. A second cyanogenetic glucoside is therefore not present in the seeds of Eriobolrya japonica (%^t. also Proceedings, 1886,455). The author, furthermore, digested the fresh leaves of this plant to the action of water at 21 C. during 22 hours, and subjected the mixture to distillation. Neither the distillate, nor the residue in the still, when treated with emulsin Diflucan Mg in the usual manner, yielded hydrocyanic acid, nor could such be detected in the solution of an alcoholic extract of the leaves similarly treated. Arch. d. Pharm., 24^ (1907), No. 6, 469-472. Rubus Chamaemorus^ L, Medicinal and Economic Uses of the Fruit, Digitized by Diflucan Mg Google 238 Diflucan Mg REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. Having received from Newfoundland some ripe fruits of Rubus chamae- morus, L., known in that colony under the name of " bake apples," Mr. E. M. Holmes gives some interesting information concerning the uses of these fruits in the northern countries^ where the plant flourishes in marshy and mossy soil. The fruits resemble blackberries in shape and size, but are yellow when ripe. In Scotland they are known as the " cloud berry ; " in Russia they are known as '' Moroshka/' and are valued as a household diuretic in dropsy, scurvy, etc. In Norway and Sweden the berries are collected and sent to Stockholm, where they are esteemed both as a food and as a medicinal remedy. It has recently also been suggested that the high amber or orange-yellow color of the juice lends itself to impart color to wines, such as sherry or tokay, and that this coloring matter might be sought for by the analyst in the examination of light wines. Pharm. Journ., Nov. 16, 1907, 639. LEGUMINOS^.
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